Friday, January 28, 2011

Craigslist strikes again!

So the nightstand debacle has been driving me up the wall. I'm tired of losing my glasses 4 times a week. And having to get up and turn off the light when it's two degrees above absolute zero is rather less then pleasant.

So I was checking craigslist again last night hoping against hope to find something that would be both cheap and uber-stylish. When finally, score! You won't be able to recognize them by the time I'm done, but here they are. Goji was very insistent on being part of the picture:

These are solid pine, stained red and coated with a light acrylic lacquer. I got the pair for $50. Not the steal of the century, but a pretty good deal all the same. One of the reasons I like them is that they are smaller and not solid boxes. I will be sanding them down and painting them. What color? Well if I told you it would ruin the surprise!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oops! And review

Oops! I never mentioned what the rest of our bedroom looks like! That might help with our paint debacle... I really need to post a picture, but it appears that I have never taken a picture of the room with our stuff in it. In the interest of selecting the right paint color, I'm going to rectify that, but in the meantime, here is the only picture of our room that I have:

The bed is too the left, facing the closet doors, and I'm standing in the bathroom door. Here's our stuff:
And I swear I'll take a real picture asap!
Another thing I wanted to discuss today, is that through a fabulous special sale brought to our attention via my fabulous friends on the knot, we were able to get a 16x20 canvas print of one of our wedding photos from!

We got 50% off on any canvas, so we figured it was worth a shot. The order came when it said it would, and it's perfect! I have had one heckuva time taking a picture of it though:

We want to put it in the living room next to the stairs, but it's a little small for the space so I'm shopping for the right frame for it.

I think I might start using exclusively this place for printing canvases, for different reasons I've had to order them multiple times in the past. What I like about this place, is that their upload system is easy, and their prices are competitive. Also, while you should still always treat these with care, so far the print hasn't chipped at the corners just by looking at it funny. Other printers I've had the ink just flake right off!

So canvaspeople, are apparently my kind of people! Well done!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colorful Ideas

Ok, so the trip into the depot was pretty much a success. I've got the stuff to finally get our curtain hung in the lower level window. And I've got our paint choices for the bedroom wall narrowed down to 2.

Brian's mom sent me a super helpful email in response to the bedroom post. She thought blue would be better then green for the accent wall, and I think she's right. I brought home the usual 4,235,753,941 paint chips and held them up on the wall all over the place. These are the two finalists:

Behr Dark Storm Cloud

And Behr Prelude

Ok, so they look similar, but in the room they are really different. I'm kind of leaning towards the first one, but it's a pretty similar weight to a lot of the colors I've already used, and I don't want things to get flat. But my concern with the other one is that it might get too 'easter egg' next to the yellow of the bathroom.

Thoughts? Opinions? Help??!?

Also if there are other colors people like better that I haven't heard of pipe up!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish me luck!

Ok, may I just say this whole experiment called 'school' is kicking my butt? I feel like I don't do anything else, and losing having my evenings to myself is totally not cool.

In an attempt to get some stuff done at the house tonight I am mounting a trip to the Home de-pot. I will attempt to cross a few things off our to-do list!

Wish me luck!

Ps: This post is way cooler if you replace "Home Depot" with "Jungles of Borneo" and imagine me wearing this hat.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Wedding: Wrap-up

So I know these have owned this page lately, but I have one last wedding post for you. We got our super amazing professional photos back from the best wedding photographer ever, Amanda Williams. I want to share some of our favorites with you, because she did a great job of capturing the day.

Beware.... there are a lot of them...

 I see you are gangster... I'm pretty gangster myself.

 Here's a little "Abbey Road" reference.

 Album cover time!

 Wind courtesy of one of the bridesmaids.

 We also don't look at explosions.

 Nature cooperated and displayed the wedding colors.


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 'aint got nuthin' on us!

What a wonderful day. And these last 3 months since have been some of the best ever! Thank you sweetheart, I less then three you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bedroom Debates

Ok, I promise the first post of 2011 will be entirely 'above the sheets!' ;-)

I am not satisfied with how we've decorated our bedroom. I like our furniture placement, and I looooove our new duvet cover, but it hasn't actually been decorated yet. I have not decorated it, or painted, we have no nightstands, no headboard, etc. I need help! First, this is essentially the room right now. The yellow, and the ginko wall art you may recognize from the bathroom. I've included them here because both elements are very visible from the entire bedroom.
Ok, Brian also has a dresser, of similar color and shape to mine there. Eventually I'd like to get him a long low one, and move the second tall one to the guest room. First lets look at the thoughts I've had for paint. I've had the thought that a very grey blue or green might work:
The problem is, I don't want it to look like an easter eg with the bathroom. Thoughts?
As far as other elements go, this is my ideal bed:
But for cost and space reasons it's probably not feasible in our current home... which means I don't know what to do about a headboard/over the bed focal point.

A much more pressing issue that we have no nightstands. I am extremely blind, and a nighttime reader and I have no nightstand. It drives me NUTS. I have absolutely no idea what I want for nightstands either, black, white, wood, boxy, round...I need help! Here are some I've looked at:
 I really like the last one, it's 99 dollars at target. Basically with the dressers I'm afraid of filling the room with boxes.

So please, dear reader... help! I need to get the basics figured out so we can have a cozy haven in our bedroom. This one is a big mental block for me, and I need some good sleep!