Monday, July 8, 2013

Geek stuff

Well, the Star Trek con was fun, but I don't think we will do another one of those types of cons. It's way more fun when you can enjoy multiple titles that you love in one place (not to mention this one was crazy overpriced!) I've been in massive panic rush mode prepping for San Diego Comic Con, and we've been on about 1 trip a week for the last month.

No joke:

May 31 - Star Trek
June 15 - family birthday/fathers day stuff
June 22 - visit the lake
June 29 - Mackinac island
July 3 - Munising (upper peninsula) for 5 days for the 4th of July. That looks way crazier all written out.

In between I've been trying to get the hang of my new job and working on costumes AND the house. Also, a scary few days occurred where Goji (our first kitty) needed surgery to remove a tumor in his mouth. Luckily it was benign, but giving a cat pain killers was a new one!

We finally got our garden boxes installed and growing:

The fireworks in Munising were amazing as always. 

I made a whole new costume in one weekend. I know, I'm insane. But my new job had the annual company picnic and it was superhero themed! How could I not use it as an opportunity to become Captain America for a day? Also I won $50 to Target, so there's that. 

This is what I usually look like these days in the evening:

And I will soon be sharing the completion of the Zelda and Link costumes. I am still tweaking them, but we have already worn them once! We did a trial run at the Motor City Comic Con and I'm glad we did. It exposed some weaknesses. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of new progress:

I've got to go get to work again, but it sure has been exciting around here!