Monday, February 28, 2011

Sigh~* I guess they can't all be winners

Well, in true Hyperbole and a Half fashion, we went from a tornado of productive awesome to the empty plains of lazy-sofa-land pretty quick. We did NOTHING this weekend, and i do mean nothing. We sat on the couch, and ate things. Ta-da! Weekend.

In other news, work is busy, school is back, and life is speeding by like a  freight train. We are going to be mailing in our taxes this week. And when we get our nice refund we are going to use it on one of these bad boys:

That is a 4' tall classic white privacy fence. In vinyl for durability and ease of maintenance. I'm so excited because this is really going to improve our backyard. We will be putting a gate on the side that doesn't have one, and I'd like to put one in the back wall as well so we can get to the field back there. I don't know though, because the gates are so expensive!

Before the fence goes in, about 6 trees need to come out. The previous owner (Frank, I'm looking at you here) planted a bunch of pine trees on the back fence, and I do mean ON the back fence. They are soooo close that the branches are cut off up to about 4 feet, so they don't even look nice. Also we have 2 big square junipers that are off center. And I hate junipers. So that's gotta happen first, probably in March or early April, and we'll pull the old fence at the same time. So as soon as it's advisable we can install the new fence!

We're currently trying to decide how to remove these items. Do we pay someone to do it like the trees that were on the front of the house? Or do we do it and rent a chipper? Do we do it and haul them to some sort of compost place? Lots of options that are complicated by the fact that we can't get any big equipment back there. Oh decisions! When will you learn to make yourselves?

Whatever we do, it's going to look way better than the current fence:
Imagine that the trees are all dead and there's a foot of slushy snow everywhere...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wooo! Stuff!

So I got so much done this past weekend I think I should get a medal. It was kind of like spring cleaning, really refreshing. Until we got over a foot of snow on Sunday night, but that's beside the point! Here's the breakdown:

Friday Night:
Nada, a friend came over and we had pizza. I went to bed at like 9:30

Up at 8. Hang 5 picture frames
Pull down wonky curtain rods
Patch drywall from wonky curtain rods, let dry.
Touch up paint around the house (new switchplate that was smaller then the old one, big scratch from a suitcase, etc)
Paint over now-dry drywall patches
Re-hang curtain rods
Bask in self satisfaction
Start to pull apart and organize studio (It still looks like something exploded in there, but it's actually better then it was when it was all hidden and shoved into the closet. I'll take a picture of the during/after)
Cleaning and laundry
Organize dresser drawers
Discover the show "An Idiot Abroad" and die of laughter

Ikea with the Husband. Lunch and misc purchases ensue like:
   -Another DVD tower
   -New front door mat (was promptly covered in over a foot of snow that night)
Assemble DVD tower while watching a movie with the Husband
Clean and Pick up some more
Sink into the timesuck that is grad school for the next 10 hours (repeat until Tuesday night when Final is due)

It's amazing how a super productive weekend can completely change your mood... only to have it brought right back down by the crap that just comes up. Bah!

But hey, at least my curtains are straight and I'm done with my first grad class! Sort of... I don't have my grade yet.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking thinking thinking...

So there's most definitely been a mini posting hiatus around here again, I forgot how many obligations we have this time of year! So many birthdays and events, and dinners this month... but there has been progress!

It's mostly been of the 'talking and decision making' variety. And it mostly involves a short wall designed to encompass a plot of land behind a domestic domicile.

But there has also been speculation as to what orbital sander I want... I've gotta redo those darn nightstands *grumble*.

I'm hoping to go pick one out tomorrow night, I can't go to the HD tonight because

Happy Birthday Dad! I <3 you!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Woo! Progress!

Ok, I lied. This isn't the REAL progress post. This is the pre-progress-post in which I tell you how much of a change these little projects are making! I still have a few things to finish, like putting the drawers back on the nightstands, picking out lamps, a new bedskirt and such. I also found a dresser I really like for Brian, and even better he likes it too! It's this one from Amazon.

I think it will offset the tall brown one I have pretty well, and the price is right too. I probably won't buy it for a little while though, we're paying for some other stuff right now.

I also need to make our headboard. I'm being mildly indecisive, but I think I'm going to go with basic, rectangular padded ivory. Then there's my jewelry storage plan... man, I keep adding projects like I have actual time or something... At any rate, I'll make an actual progress report once the nightstands are reassembled.

On a completely unrelated note, my Google analytics stopped functioning properly at the new year. I have not registered any hits at all for the last month. And I know I have been visiting at least! Anybody ever hear of an issue like this?