Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Have to What?

So, there are only 9 DAYS until we head off on our amazing-belated-honeymoon-of-bliss and leave our home and kittycat in the loving care of Lord Bob (also known as the amazing Sanjeev). 9 days, we can get all packed and ready by then right? I was thinking about it this morning and I'm not so sure...

I've been dealing with a LOT at work getting ready to go (bad timing for a software conversion!), and home has not exactly been the chillaxed 'palace of prep' I was hoping for. Along with me working late, and Brian working every night/all weekend, we have been social butterflies! Seeing friends and family like there's no tomorrow, and it continues right up until go-time.

Between now and next Saturday we have to:

1. Dinner with Brian's Aunt tonight.
2. I have a hair appointment Friday night.
3. Brian works all weekend.
4. I have to finish 2 weeks of work and a full software conversion by Wednesday.
5. Next Thursday night we're driving to Okemos for my sister's birthday.
6. Next Friday night is our weekly double date with some friends.
7. Also next Friday night, some other friends are coming into town to spend the night with us.

So sometime, within that, we have to pack, get the house nice and clean for all this company, get all the travel-bank-stuff straightened out, pull our boarding passes, etc.

Hopefully we'll get through it all so we can relax in style for a whole entire week! Well, at least Goji's ready to go...

Too bad he's not allowed to come.

Also... pray that we don't get any hurricanes in the next week!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the Awesomest Person Award Goes To....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank someone for impressing the hell out of me. My dear hubby, has begun a glorious transformation from apartment-dwelling gamer nerd, to functioning homeowner handyman gamer nerd! In the last couple weeks he has:

1. Fixed the broken Garbage Disposal
2. Identified the problem with our dryer (a dryer is supposed to DRY right?) located a replacement part and fixed it HIMSELF.
3. Found us a massive deal for our car insurance (I'll take that 50 extra dollars a month back THANK YOU!) saving us a boatload of money.

Wow. I'm so amazed, I've gotta step-up my grown-up game next to this guy!